Preparing You for a World of Private Market Investing Opportunities

Leyline was founded in 2017 by a team with decades of combined experience in technology, finance, product development and top-notch customer service. We are committed to developing a sophisticated and comprehensive modern platform, which combines powerful, yet remarkably easy to use research tools, data, and investor education.

The Leyline Mandate

We believe that successful investing requires a disciplined, knowledgeable and informed approach, which is developed and refined through learning and experience, none of which is built overnight. As with many things in life, investing has a learning curve, and the consequences of mistakes could have a long and lasting effect on the financial wellbeing of the unwary investor. We believe that by leveraging modern and easy to use software we put investors into the drivers’ seat, providing them with the education, research tools and data they’d need to break free of the mundane shackles of the public securities market. In turn, we believe that empowering self-directed investors to participate in the private placement market would unshackle the funding that many promising companies are in need off, opening pathways for innovation and creativity to take our markets and competition to the next level. We believe that finance and financial systems should not be over-complicated and should not coincide with a stress-induced eye twitch for investors. Our systems are designed to help investors, regardless of their background or experience, to get past the unnecessary finance lingo and cut through the complexities of financial markets. We are changing the existing system to create a pathway for self-directed investors to find opportunities that fit their needs, philosophies, and desires. Our Mission: to empower people’s path toward smart private investing.