When new regulation is being considered commentators generally agree, “Securities are not bought. They are sold.” 

Early-stage financing events are different. Venture Capitalists, family offices, angels and syndicates control the dollars Startups need to invest in their businesses and outscale the competition. Institutional and private money often comes with strings attached that are outlined in a terms sheet which state the terms a prospective investor is willing to be party to. Those early investors buy securities because they understand something about what they are investing in. You should too.

Leyline offers a powerful cloud-based web and mobile application that puts the individual investors in the driver’s seat, giving them the tools necessary to find and make smart investment decisions:

  • Investor Education – assessing each user’s financial knowledge and experience, our system caters an individualized digital curriculum giving the user incredible flexibility, convenience and control over the pace and mode of learning. Regardless of whether the user is a novice or seasoned investor looking to review a specific concept, our system will intuitively help the user build the necessary competency and expertise.
  • Investor Accreditation – our system enables users to compile and safely store the documents necessary for them to prove their Accredited Investor status either directly to the issuer or through a Third Party Verifier.
  • Research Tools – simple, customizable and powerful tools that help users to find opportunities matching their investment interests, goals or philosophies. Investor Profile – a customizable hub from which users control their experience and achievements. It allows the users to: “favorite” an industry or a specific company and save it for later; to specify the types of opportunities they are interested in; and to receive notifications when a company of interest begins raising a new capital round.
  • Investment Portfolio – a smart tool designed to help users create and keep track of their investments (both public and private) and assets (such as real estate) in a single convenient place. This feature, once enabled and updated with the user’s investment and asset information, will give users a clear assessment of their current personal net-worth, while also allowing the users to add hypothetical investment scenarios into their asset mix to help understand their long-term implications and potential for their portfolio.